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Nov 26, 2015 / Richard Hall

Greek up to 50% of US Yogurt

I picked up numerous market insights at the Latin America Dairy Congress in Brazil last week.

Greek yogurt is in its infancy there, but beginning to grow rapidly, with recent start-up Yorgus closely following Greek yogurt making tradition.

The latest figures on the US market were presented, showing how much Greek style yogurt has contributed to US growth and value.

$ million                                           2010                             2014

 Greek style yogurt                                390                             3,500

All other yogurt                                  4,400                             3,500

 Total yogurt                                   4,790                            7,000

A great example of improved taste delivering consumer demand and premium value.


Nov 24, 2015 / Richard Hall


In contrast to other European countries, beer sales have risen by 6% in France during the past year.

Figures from IRI for supermarkets and hypermarkets in the 12 months to 16th August show:

• overall volume up 5.6%
• overall value up 6.2% to 2,280 million euros.

Within these totals, the breakdown reveals some far higher growth, but also some contraction:

• no alcohol beer up 37% to 40 million euros
• speciality beer up 11% to 1,070 million euros
• panachés up 5% to 36 million euros
• special beer up 5% to 740 million euros
• deluxe beer down 6% to 390 million euros.

The surge in no alcohol beer is attributed substantially to the launch of Kronenbourg’s Tourtel Twist, which captured a 27% share in just 9 months.

Speciality beers now include as many as 700 craft brewers.

Nov 12, 2015 / Richard Hall

Social cost of alcohol

My legs almost gave way when I read the latest figures for the impact of excessive drinking on the US economy:

• $77,000 million in reduced productivity and working days missed

• $172,000 million in healthcare and alcohol-related crime.

The total is $249,000 million. Quite a hangover.

Nov 10, 2015 / Richard Hall

52 acquisitions in October

Two enormous deals topped the list of 52 food and drink transactions recorded on the mergers and acquisitions database for October.

Since its announcement on 13 October, there have been daily updates and debates on the $104,000 million brewing bid by Belgium-based Anheuser-Busch InBev for UK-based SABMiller and the impact is likely to reverberate in various subsequent divestments.

There was also a $6,000 million sales revenue merger agreed between US alcohol distributors The Charmer Sunbelt Group and Wirtz Beverage Group to become Breakthru Beverage Group.

Of the 52 total, 11 were in alcohol, 8 in soft drinks, 6 in ingredients, 4 in dairy and 3 each in nutrition and packaging.

21 were inside national borders, 31 international. 20 involved the United States, 12 the United Kingdom, 6 Ireland, 4 Italy and Netherlands, 3 each Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Spain.

Nov 5, 2015 / Richard Hall

Figures for Coca-Cola Life in UK

Lower calorie Coca-Cola Life has made a bigger impact in the United Kingdom than on the smaller French market.

Since its British launch in August 2014, it achieved:

• £28.9 million in first year sales, according to IRI
• accounting for 2.43% of the Coca-Cola portfolio and
• 24 million litres of volume, with
• over half switching from regular carbonates;
• peak £4.1m sales in 4 weeks to 11 October 2014,
• slowdown to £1.5m sales in 4 weeks to 12 September 2015; with
• pricing initially below Diet Coke, now higher.

Nov 3, 2015 / Richard Hall

Amazon and Wal-Mart compared

Great new insights are emerging on e-commerce sales trends.

Two sets of numbers for Amazon and Wal-Mart have been published online, using analysis by JeeQ Data.

For Amazon, coffee and water were by far the two biggest sellers in the 4 weeks to 11 October, led by:

• San Francisco Bay Coffee on 30.1%
• Keurig 20.1%
• Nestlé Pure Life 9.7%
• Smartwater 9.4%
• Nespresso 8.4%.

Vita Coco was 8th on 2.6%. Fiji and Sparkling ICE were joint 9th on 1.0% each. sales for the 4 weeks to 13 October show coffee and fruit drinks brands doing best after Wal-Mart’s own Great Value on 27.1%.

• Maxwell House 12.3%
• Folgers 10.3%
• Fruit on the Bottom 8.7%
• Nestlé 8.4%
• Capri-Sun 8.1%.

Minute Maid scored 3.9%, SodaStream 2.6% and Propel 1.3%.

The top performing cola was Diet Coke in Amazon on 0.3%.

Oct 29, 2015 / Richard Hall

Coffee with magnesium

Calcium in dairy, fibre in cereal, vitamins in fruit juice, but … magnesium in coffee ?

Well, no less than Nestlé has launched a new Nescafé Vitalissimo in Spain with magnesium to combat fatigue.

It’s targeted at consumers aged over 40.

So, new functionality and silver appeal. Two worthy challenges.

Oct 27, 2015 / Richard Hall

Spanish energy drink surprises

I wasn’t surprised by much in Alimarket’s latest analysis of the Spanish energy drinks market, though it does tell a compelling and combative story.

• Monster leads by volume in retail, with a 20.4% share in the year to May 2015, according to IRI.
• Red Bull leads strongly by value, with a corresponding 34.2% share.

The two surprises were:

• Burn could well overtake Red Bull volume this year, having gained 3 share points to Red Bull’s 1 share point fall.
• Private label has risen to a huge 38.0% volume share and 25.5% by value.