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May 30, 2013 / Richard Hall

Sustaining soft drinks

On an unsustainable flight, I finally read the evidence that will lead towards a roadmap for improved UK soft drinks sustainability. It’s full of many insights and freely available on the Government website via The main sources of greenhouse gas emissions are:

• 42% packaging (24% PET, 7% aluminium, 5% secondary, 2% carton, 2% glass, 1% steel)
• 32% fruit, 4% sugar, 3% other ingredients
• 9% distribution, 8% retail refrigeration
• 1.8 million tonnes carbonated soft drinks, 2.2 million tonnes fruit juice and flavoured drinks, 0.4 million tonnes bottled water.

The estimate for total emissions was reduced from an earlier figure of 7.2 million tonnes to 4.5 million tonnes. Let’s hope a roadmap can achieve another big reduction. Zenith has already signed up in support.

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