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Jul 18, 2013 / Richard Hall

Coffee flavoured beer

I knew I could rely on the summer to bring me a third innovation of intriguing ingenuity.

This one is from Japan. And it’s a coffee flavoured beer, made by adding coffee beans during the brewing process.

Coffee Beer has been launched to raise funds for disaster relief, but I have my reservations about how much it will actually generate.

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  1. Martyna / Jul 24 2013

    In fact it’s not a new concept at all. Check out Karmi Poema, coffee-flavoured malt drink (non-alcoholic beer if you like) in Poland:

  2. Sunjai Dhas / Jul 31 2013

    When we in the Coffee Plantation Industry are looking at making different coffees like organic, monsoon etc., the Distilling Industry people are making Coffee Beer and Vodka … I welcome the use of Coffee in different forms to popularize the drink called COFFEE!!!
    Thanks to all concerned!

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