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Sep 12, 2013 / Richard Hall

Juice diet

Juice is so natural and tasty, but many consumers have reservations about its calories and cost. What to do ?

One answer is a health regime based on a juice only diet. There is now a special resort for this in Turkey and another has just opened in Portugal.

The week long diet consists of 4 juices a day plus plenty of water. Here are some of the Juice Master retreat endorsements, extracted from the August issue of Health Club Management magazine:

• “When you juice, you’re getting everything your body needs. You feel recharged. Your skin becomes clearer, your hair and nails better.”

• “You get more good nutrients in one juice than most people get in a day.”

• “People ask, why not just eat the vegetables, but one of the benefits of juicing is that it gives your body a break from having to digest food.”

• “Juicing also retains a much higher percentage of the nutrients in fruit and vegetables than if you just eat them.”

• “I believe juicing can help all illnesses.”

And you can lose a lot of weight.

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