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Mar 18, 2014 / Richard Hall

Beer-based sports drink

All kinds of things are happening to beer. Fruit flavours. Spirit mixes. Now recovery ale.

A Canadian company called Vampt will shortly be launching Lean Machine as an alternative post-workout drink.

High in protein and low in alcohol at just 0.5%, Lean Machine is designed to “have the properties of a sports drink without the dehydrating effects of alcohol.”


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  1. Adam / Mar 19 2014

    It seems that there is no limit for innovation. Is it the first functional beer? Isotonic beer? More and more cross of categories. What will be next?

  2. Adam / Mar 26 2014

    There is no limit for creativity and developing new concepts through integration of different categories.

  3. Ben Bouckley / Mar 27 2014

    Google DuneSurfer too Richard – UK brand backed by former Heineken exec due for pending launch. Playing in the same space!

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