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Mar 17, 2015 / Richard Hall

What a tonic for water

It’s fascinating how many companies are now promoting water, even though they’re not selling it.  I’m thinking of everyone from dispense machine and dispense cap suppliers to producers of nutrition supplements and dilutable syrups.

The most striking example I’ve seen recently was a full page advertisement in The Sunday Times on 8th March.

The heading read: “Not as perfect as water.  But better than no water at all.”

The full text was: “Water is amazing.  Two thirds of the planet’s surface is water.  Even our bodies are made of it.  We all know how important water is, but we sometimes struggle to drink enough of it.  At only 5 calories, a delicious glass of Robinsons No Added Sugar is the easy and tasty way to drink more water, wherever you are.  So go on, start enjoying water with a splash of Robinsons.”

As the founding Chairman of the Natural Hydration Council, I have to say I’m delighted.

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