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Mar 24, 2015 / Richard Hall

Palcohol – no thanks, pal

I felt relieved last year when US regulators withheld approval for powdered alcohol before it had gone on sale. Now it has been given a green light.

Alcohol is already a major hazard for society, which it is not particularly successful at navigating. Powdered alcohol, which simply needs to be mixed with water, is a far greater hazard.

Or should I say, too great a hazard. It will be almost impossible to restrict at public and family events or amongst younger age groups, especially in schools. It will be so much easier for drinks to be spiked.

I’m not known for being alarmist, but I would not expect to wait very long before allegations of palcohol leading to rape and accusations of causing death on the roads.

In my entirely personal view, palcohol should be prohibited. Period.

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  1. Jan Bender / Mar 24 2015

    I completely agree: the US is already driving thousands of young people into drug abuse by its restrictive alcohol legislation. Powdered alcohol, if it works, will further add to the misery.

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