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May 5, 2015 / Richard Hall

Cross-category innovation

The latest issues of Beverage Innovation and Dairy Innovation magazines display a mind-boggling array of new products from around the world.  Five stood out for me as examples of how far brand owners believe consumers are willing to accept multi-category mixes.

The first two are milk with no milk and beer with no alcohol.

  • Bolthouse Farms’ blueberry banana almond milk from the United States – fruit, almond.
  • Wahaha’s beer flavoured green tea from China – alcohol, tea.

The next three are all from Japan.

  • Suntory’s yogurt flavoured water containing fermented whey to keep it clear – dairy, water.
  • Megmilk’s yogurt cereal breakfast replacement drink containing oats, banana puree and juice – dairy, cereal, juice.
  • House Wellness Foods’ garlic energy drink with black garlic – I’m speechless and keeping my mouth shut about this.


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