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Jul 21, 2015 / Richard Hall

Innovations you could not make up

The summer always brings out the craziest innovations you could scarcely imagine. Here are 4 that I read about within the space of a few days.

• An eel flavoured soda in Japan from Kimura Inryou with a “salty, fishy, savoury flavour of grilled barbecue eel in a fizzy cola” to be launched today.

• A protein beer in the United States that contains 5g of protein and sold out its first production run within 24 hours under the brand name of Mighty Squirrel.

• A beer-based biofuel in New Zealand that is produced from natural beer waste and delivers the same performance as petrol while emitting 8% less carbon.

• A cheesy Doritos nacho chip flavoured carbonated soft drink in the United States from PepsiCo launched as Mountain Dew Dewitos.

Do try them if you can.

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