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Sep 15, 2015 / Richard Hall

Disruptive technology for drinks

I am easily disrupted by technology. Uber has disrupted taxis. Airbnb has disrupted hotels. What could disrupt the food and drink sector ?

In fact, we’re already being disrupted by e-commerce and m-commerce, click and collect and more.

Two of the latest live initiatives are:

• Starbucks’ app that pre-orders and pre-pays your choice before you enter the outlet.

• Amazon Dash – a fridge magnet that automatically reorders an item for delivery when you press the button on it.

Two further ideas are at more of an exploratory stage:

• Amazon Trash – which automatically reorders when the barcode is detected as you put your empty pack in the rubbish bin.

• the Heineken safe stamp, “a microchip made of temporary tattoo paper that measures alcohol in sweat and glows blue when a person is no longer safe to drive.”

Not only are tests evolving with drone delivery, but there’s another trial to access your car boot at a pre-set time and place products in it before you drive home from your office.

More tomorrow.

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