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Sep 17, 2015 / Richard Hall

Disruptive technology – part 3

I tend to think in straight lines. What are a product’s characteristics ? How does it compare with or contrast to other products ?

More people today are looking beyond this and beyond branding into ethics and social impact.

But what if your product was made for you or you made it yourself, it was priced by you and it was delivered directly to you ?

There are already examples of totally new approaches to pricing, as I learned from the presentation I mentioned yesterday.

• When Spanish theatres were hit by a ticket tax rise and falling attendance, one increased audiences by allowing people in for free and by charging them afterwards up to a set maximum based on facial recognition technology according to the number of times they laughed. Pay per laugh is now spreading.

• The Social Swipe enables a passer by to see a charity advertisement screen, swipe a credit card through it, automatically make a small donation of say $2 and activate a visual response. The charity can then follow up with a written invitation to make a regular subscription.

The opportunities are endless.

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