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Nov 24, 2015 / Richard Hall


In contrast to other European countries, beer sales have risen by 6% in France during the past year.

Figures from IRI for supermarkets and hypermarkets in the 12 months to 16th August show:

• overall volume up 5.6%
• overall value up 6.2% to 2,280 million euros.

Within these totals, the breakdown reveals some far higher growth, but also some contraction:

• no alcohol beer up 37% to 40 million euros
• speciality beer up 11% to 1,070 million euros
• panachés up 5% to 36 million euros
• special beer up 5% to 740 million euros
• deluxe beer down 6% to 390 million euros.

The surge in no alcohol beer is attributed substantially to the launch of Kronenbourg’s Tourtel Twist, which captured a 27% share in just 9 months.

Speciality beers now include as many as 700 craft brewers.

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