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May 17, 2016 / Richard Hall

Beer and coffee convergence

Is the British pub becoming more of a coffee shop ? And are coffee shops becoming more like wine bars ?

The problem with many buildings, from offices and schools to bars and restaurants, is that they are expensive but not used all the time.

So how do you keep the revenue flowing and spread the costs ? Using more day parts is key to a solution.

Here are some revealing UK statistics from the Financial Times of 3rd May.

• Independent brewer Fuller’s opened its first coffee shop in 2014 and now sells 2 million hot drinks a year.

• Pub operator Wetherspoons started selling filter coffee in 2015 and now sells over 1 million cups a week.

• Craft brewer BrewDog recently acquired a 33% stake in the Third Wave coffee chain.

• Coffee chain Starbucks is moving into craft beer and wine.

The square is being circled.

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  1. Peter Swanson / May 17 2016

    Starbucks is testing wine/beer and expanded savory food options in select USA markets in the 4PM to 9PM daypart. High end distilled options (re: Brandy/Cognac)may be next. All part of a broader store front asset utilization improvement initiative.

  2. Claire Brown  / Jul 2 2019

    Very interesting

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