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Aug 11, 2016 / Richard Hall

Summer’s strangest stories – so far

I’ve picked three.

Top of the list is Belgian brewers being able to use the sun for making beer from urine. Scientists from the University of Ghent have found a way of using solar power to turn urine into drinking water and fertiliser. An experiment at a music festival then used some of the water for making beer. Hence the phrase coined by the team – “from sewer to brewer.”

Second is the idea of consuming cockroach milk as a source of protein. Researchers in India have discovered that milk from the Pacific beetle cockroach is 4 times more nutritious than cow’s milk and its protein releases energy over a long period of time. I wonder how long it will take to produce a glass half full.

Third is a hydrating brand which is not a water, called Original Source. It has 4 milk flavours which are not milk – almond, bamboo, coconut and vanilla. But what is it really ? It’s a shower moisturising soap.

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