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Jun 9, 2017 / Richard Hall

UK diet – what else ?

Concluding my selection of highlights from the latest British Government Family Food survey, I note:

• Meat consumption has generally been falling, while fish consumption has tended to rise.

• Bread purchases, excluding pre-packed sandwiches, have dropped by 50% in 50 years.

• Potato purchases have fallen 20% since 2005, with fresh potatoes declining most.

• Sodium intake is in long term decline, but still 11% above the recommended maximum 2.4 grams per day, at 2.65 grams in 2015.

• Eating out accounted for 11% of total energy intake and 22% of sodium intake in 2015.

• All vitamin and mineral intakes reached 100% or more of the minimum Reference Nutrient Intake where set, except for potassium.

• Fibre intake at 14.5 grams per person per day is 3.5 grams below the recommended 18 grams.

• Between 2007 and 2015, households saved 4.8% on unit prices by trading down to cheaper products. Poorer households traded down less.

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