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Jul 11, 2017 / Richard Hall

Truth about free from

I have every sympathy with people who are not able to enjoy certain foods because of allergies or medical conditions.

I also have no problem with others who avoid particular products out of a lifestyle choice.

What concerns me, however, is that some of the medical reasons are based on supposition and many of the lifestyle reasons are based on misinformation.

For example, I read recently that gluten-free products typically contain far more fat and less protein than those they are seeking to replace.

A study comparing 654 gluten-free samples with their regular equivalents concluded they are an obesity risk after finding “significantly higher” fat levels and up to two thirds less protein.

Elsewhere, I learned that natural whole milk contains 8 times more protein than some plant-based milks.

Our diets and choices would definitely be better served if substitutes were either comparable or at least transparent about key differences.

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