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Jul 27, 2017 / Richard Hall

Global dairy market outlook

Polling at Zenith’s Global Dairy Congress in Dublin last month was buoyant about most issues except Brexit.

• The biggest challenge for the dairy sector was seen to be sustainability 58%, well ahead of health 18% and farm production 16%.

• The greatest growth potential for dairy sales was overwhelmingly in China 83%, with 15% saying India and 3% the United States.

• The best market growth prospects were considered to be yogurt/fresh dairy products 38%, cheese 33% and ingredients 17%.

• The most promise for added value was protein 62%, with 34% choosing yogurt and just 3% opting for dairy free.

• Brexit was felt to be “worse for everyone including UK” 54%, “drawn out uncertainty” 34% and “short term distraction” 10%, with “positive benefit” scoring a mere 2%.

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