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Aug 15, 2017 / Richard Hall

New US tax on bottled water

To me, better hydration means better health. All water contributes to that. And bottled water just as well as tap.

No calories, no treatment, natural purity, local sourcing, lightweight packaging, easy recycling, low carbon footprint, great convenience – the benefits are manifold.

And yet…

Washington State in the United States introduced a new tax on bottled water from 1st August.

It’s expected to raise $30 million in a full year.

Personally, I can’t fathom this. Compared with all other competing choices, water should be preferred not penalised.

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  1. Mauricio Cardenas / Aug 15 2017

    We are seeing a trend in many parts of the world where governments create taxes on beverages to raise money. The argument is health concerns.
    What also seems consistent is that governments are not following up with other measures that would help its people improve their health.

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