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Dec 7, 2017 / Richard Hall

56 acquisitions in November

56 food and drink transactions were recorded on the mergers and acquisitions database in November.

2 involved huge sums of over $5,000 million and 1 more exceeded $500 million:

• $12,000 million combined sales for the US alcohol distribution merger of Republic National Distributing Company and Breakthru Beverage Group

• $6,550 million value for another alcohol merger between San Miguel Pure Foods, San Miguel Brewery and Ginebra San Miguel in the Philippines to create San Miguel Food and Beverage

• $727 million sales for US based Kind Snacks, in which Mars took a minority stake.

Among the 56 total, 12 were in alcohol, 10 in dairy, 6 in snacks, 5 in soft drinks and 3 each in hot drinks, ingredients and nutrition.

27 were within national borders, 20 of these being in the United States. 29 were international.

Overall, 27 countries featured, with the United States marking up 34 deals, the United Kingdom 6, Australia 5, Canada 5, Spain 4 and France 3.

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