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Mar 6, 2018 / Richard Hall

Yogurt tea and yogurt water

Where on earth ? Japan, of course.

I’ve just returned from a fascinating trip there. National dairy market leader Meiji kindly took me round some Tokyo stores and I discovered endless innovative beverage ideas on shelf that went beyond what I’ve ever seen elsewhere. Most notable were some totally different yogurt drinks from quite unexpected sources.

• There was a bright pink Açai Yogurtea, that tastes and looks quite acceptably yogurty, from leading brewer Kirin.

• And I found a clear natural mineral water with ‘Yogurina’ from leading spirits and soft drinks producer Suntory. This tasted similar to many lightly flavoured waters.

I also came across Coca-Cola’s new peach flavour as well as the higher carbonation Pepsi Strong Zero, which I hadn’t seen before.

And I saw three fat and sugar blocking colas – Coca-Cola Plus, Pepsi Special O and Mets Cola.

But most curious of all… I’ll tell you tomorrow.

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