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Mar 27, 2018 / Richard Hall

100% fruit juice with 30% less sugar

One great attraction of 100% fruit juice is that it’s all natural with nothing added.

One problem with this is that it’s not been possible to have a 100% fruit juice with less calories.

Until now.

The first time this came to my attention was earlier in March when I saw that Joker in France had launched a 100% fruit juice with 30% less sugar, because some of the juice was coconut water.

This lowers the calorie content from 44 calories per 100ml in pure orange juice with or without pulp to 37 calories per 100ml for the new range, a calorie reduction of 16%.

I’ve also seen that Welch’s in the United States has adopted a similar strategy. Its Tropical Berry Grape “100% juice with coconut water” contains 100 calories per 240ml serving, compared with 140 calories per 240ml serving for other 100% juices.

That’s 29% fewer calories. I wonder how far this idea can develop.

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