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Jul 10, 2018 / Richard Hall

Top global food and drink brands

Kantar Worldpanel’s latest ranking of consumer brands has amazing coverage and contrasts.

The analysis encompasses 18,000 brands across 43 countries that account for 75% of the world’s economy. The 5 chosen sectors include beverages, dairy and food but exclude alcohol. To be considered, a brand has to be available in 2 continents. The measure used is active consumer choice during 2016/17.

Among beverages and dairy, the top brands are:
Blog-10JULY2018-Top Global Food and drink brands

In online reach, Yoplait, Wall’s and Tropicana score more highly than any of these, with President also in the top 25.

Global brands account for just 20% of dairy spending, compared to 38% for beverages.

Local brands increased their overall share slightly in 2017 to 64.6%, up from 63.8% in 2015.

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