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Jul 3, 2018 / Richard Hall

3 weeks to decompose water bottle

I read it too. A story from Australia. It sounds so good. But I question its wisdom.

The Choose Water bottle has an outer lining of recycled paper and an inner lining of composite material. The bottle “can fully decompose within 3 weeks when left in water or landfill and can be eaten by sea creatures.”

Surely the solution is not to encourage disposal, but instead to collect and re-use ?

More sea creatures will be saved that way than by decomposition.

I have doubts too about shelf life and product integrity, but what about the label and the cap ?

Apparently, “the steel cap on the bottle will also rust and fully decompose in about a year.” I’m not sure that can be true or desirable.

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  1. Michael Roberts / Jul 6 2018

    Thanks for sharing this Richard, very interested in the idea of multi layer and biodegradable.

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