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Aug 2, 2018 / Richard Hall

Obesity rising again

The second noteworthy report of the past two weeks was from Ofsted, the English Office for Standards in Education, on “Obesity, Healthy Eating And Physical Activity In Primary Schools”, which are for children aged from 5 to 11.

This found some quite healthy aspects of what children consume at school:

• 72% of lunches packed by parents included fruit, 49% yogurt and 48% a sandwich or wrap with meat, though 60% included crisps.

• 42% of accompanying drinks were water, 34% fruit juice, 22% dilutables and just 2% carbonated soft drinks.

• 68% of schools surveyed had policies on acceptable drinks.

And yet … And yet the number of severely obese children aged 10 to 11 had risen from 3.17% in 2006/07 to 4.07% in 2016/17, the highest level on record.

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