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Aug 22, 2018 / Richard Hall

65 acquisitions in July

July was another busy month for deals, with 65 transactions and funding rounds recorded on the food and drink mergers and acquisitions database.

Most were relatively small, but two amounted to more than $500 million:

• $1,800 million in foodservice for US Foods to buy Service Group of America’s Food Group

• $695 million in condiments for Huabao to purchase Jiahao Foodstuff in China.

Of the 65 total, 8 were in ingredients, 7 in soft drinks, 5 in dairy and 4 each in alcohol, confectionery, meat, nutrition and services.

Among newcomer categories, 2 were in meat-free, 2 in plant-based, 2 in recycling and 1 in meal kits.

32 were inside individual countries, 22 of these in the United States. 33 were international, led by the United States on 13 including 9 sales, followed by France and the United Kingdom on 8, then the Netherlands on 5, Switzerland on 4 and Australia on 3.

10 of the 65 were funding rounds.

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