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Aug 28, 2018 / Richard Hall

Functional Beer

There is no doubt in my mind that more of the food we consume in the coming years will offer functional benefits.

It is unlikely, however, that taste and pleasure will diminish in importance.

So, where are the boundaries between food and medicine ?

There are many products testing the limits in dairy especially. But not in beer. Until now.

A Czech brewer Zatec has developed an unusual beer for the Mamma Help breast cancer group.

Mamma Beer is designed to help women combat the side effects of chemotherapy. It is fortified with nutrients such as potassium and vitamin B. It also helps tackle dysgeusia, which affects the taste buds after treatment.

And it’s non-alcoholic.

That seems a degree of innovation worth acknowledging.

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  1. Ulrich Killeit / Aug 28 2018

    Hello Richard
    One of the top selling alcohol-free wheat beers in Germany is made by ERDINGER. The product contains significant amounts of vitamins from fermentation, not by addition. In one serving of 500 ml:
    100 mcg Folic acid (vitamin B9) = 50% NRV (nutrient reference value)
    0.65 mcg Vitamin B12 = 26% NRV
    The following approved Health Claims are printed on the label:
    “B9 und B12 tragen zur Verringerung der Müdigkeit wie zur normalen Funktion von Immunsystem und Energiestoffwechsel bei.”
    And it is energy reduced (107 kJ/25 kcal in 100 ml).
    It may be regarded as functional as well.
    Best regards

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