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Sep 27, 2018 / Richard Hall

World water recognition

With World Water Day firmly established each year on 22 March, World Water Week is now gaining attention at the end of August.

This is because the water agenda is progressing from management to stewardship, as the perspective broadens from water cost to water value.

Water stewardship goes beyond operational issues to include economic, ecological and social implications as well as balancing competing uses. Good stewardship should provide a basis for social licence. Bad stewardship could jeopardise it.

Zenith is a member of the global Alliance for Water Stewardship and has a team of water specialists uniquely qualified to support the implementation of stewardship programmes. We shall be presenting a workshop on stewardship best practice during the next Global Bottled Water Congress at Evian on 22-24 October.

Water is moving up the ranking of corporate priorities to become a key element of business strategy.

Those businesses with a dependence on access to good quality water, but without a corporate water strategy, are at greater risk of missing out on future opportunities for growth.

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