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Oct 30, 2018 / Richard Hall

Alcohol consumption declining

A new study remarks on an increase in binge drinking in Canada, while overall alcohol consumption by young people has been falling in Europe and North America.

The report focuses on the Health Survey for England in 2015, covering 9,699 participants aged 16-24, with comparisons going back to 2005.

The findings show a striking increase in non-drinking.
Alcohol Consumption 1

In particular, young people are starting to drink at a later age. Women are less likely to drink than men and abstention among non-white ethnic groups has increased to 68%.

It also appears that young people are drinking less frequently and less in excess.

Alcohol Consumptio2

It is hardly surprising that this trend is generating extra interest in adult soft drinks as well as zero proof drinks. It is no coincidence that this wider market opportunity will be a key feature of Zenith Global’s next UK Soft Drinks Conference on 15th May 2019 in central London under the theme of ‘Crafting the Future.’

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