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Feb 21, 2019 / Richard Hall

Some personal news

All blogs are personal. They involve a selection of issues for attention. They reflect a degree of opinion. Sometimes the personality is masked by objective analysis. Sometimes the content is unashamedly individual. As today.

My most significant new personal insight is that I have become a grandfather for the first time, to a delightful girl born early on Sunday 17th February.

She is not just a joy to my family, she also represents a new way of looking at the world and I look forward to seeing where that leads.

My second personal insight comes from an email I received to celebrate British Airways’ 100th year. It told me that, since 1991, I “have flown 474,687 miles” with BA, “which is the same as flying 19.1 times round the world.”

I was pleased at both the systems that keep such records and the imaginative approach to telling me. I wasn’t so pleased at the carbon footprint it entails, multiplied by the other airlines I use.

We must all do better, for the sake of that next generation.

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