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Apr 30, 2019 / Richard Hall

Falling short of 5 a day

So much for achieving the generally accepted target of 5 fruit and vegetable portions a day. And yet the preferred World Health Organisation target is 10 portions or 800 grams for the best protection against non-communicable diseases.

The sad truth from a 28 country European Union survey is that 36% of the population don’t even manage 1 fruit portion a day and 37% don’t eat 1 vegetable portion a day.

Just 23% consume vegetables twice a day and 27% eat fruit twice a day.

The top countries for at least 1 fruit portion a day are Italy and Portugal at above 80%. For vegetables, Ireland and Belgium reach over 80%.

The laggards for fruit are Latvia, Bulgaria and Lithuania at less than 40%. For vegetables, Hungary comes lowest at 30%.

How simple and yet how difficult it is to make good sense of our diets.

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