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May 30, 2019 / Richard Hall

Global Beverage Insights poll

Immediately after the UK Soft Drinks Industry Conference, Zenith Global held a day of briefings and discussion on Global Beverage Insights with the theme of ‘Charting the future.’

The delegate polling came to many more fascinating conclusions …

• China and the United States were predicted to have the biggest influence on global beverage market development over the next 5 years, each receiving 47% of votes.

• For the technology development likely to have the biggest impact, 56% replied new ingredients/packaging, compared with 24% for e-commerce and 16% for direct delivery.

• 50% believed established companies will lose 5-9.9% of market share to innovative start-ups, with 30% saying more and 20% saying less.

• For the emerging market with the greatest growth potential, selected because they are the subject of new Zenith Global reports, 57% went for zero alcohol, 18% cannabis, 14% alkaline and 11% fermented.

• By 2030, 65% anticipated more fragmentation, 27% more consolidation and 8% more confusion.

• The biggest difference by 2030 was expected to be in packaging and distribution, scoring 35% each, then products on 26%, with very low scoring for communication, payment and taxation.

• As to who will be held most responsible for beverage impact by 2030, 43% identified consumers, 39% brands, 9% government and 4% retailers.

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